Resting in a hotel room is not just a luxury but also a necessity. The traveling, flight searching, and luggage dragging tires one out completely. You will need a place to rest where there are comfort and relaxation to ward off the unease and get you up and running for the adventures of the next day. Many good hotels in the world offer lots of luxury to their visitors. But some are plain ridiculous for their charges. 

Some of the most expensive hotels in the world.

The per night charge of some of the hotels are only reserved for the filthy rich because of their excessive and mind-blowing charges. Some even offer food in edible gold. Whoa!

The Underwater Hotel in St. Lucia

This hotel is an astounding amount of money per night and deemed the most affluent hotel in the whole wide world. it is only for the super-wealthy and lets you enjoy the splendor of a night with the fishes, literally. The suites are underwater and let you experience the wonders of the sea.

The hotel that is named after a president, Switzerland

If you want to experience luxury, this hotel is where you need to go. Every single minute will make you feel like royalty because everything is top quality and outrageously expensive. The view of the Swiss Alps, however, is worth every penny. 

An all-weather hotel in New York

The most expensive elements are laid in the craftsmanship of the suites in this hotel. It is known for the grandeur it shows off and many top celebrities stay here. 

An exotic hotel in Jaipur, India

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the sheer joy of experiencing the diverse Indian culture and then coming back to a lavish suite that is one of the most expensive in the world? This hotel is every bit as classy as one can think of.


Looking at these hotels, one cannot help to admire the luxury they offer. From beautiful architecture to sophistication. These hotels have it all!