Leaving on vacation






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Identify the purpose of your trip

It is important to know what we expect from our vacation before choosing a travel destination. What do we want? Do you want to relax on a deserted beach and forget all your worries? If so, there are fashionable destinations like Costa Rica that combine beautiful beaches with the power of a volcano.
On the other hand, if you are looking for unforgettable experiences when choosing a travel destination, there are other options available to you. Movie-worthy sunrises, animals in their natural habitat and impossible roads are just some of the experiences we can have while traveling to destinations like Africa. The possibilities are endless; identify what you want to experience and tailor your trip accordingly.



It is a crucial choice for the smooth running of your stay. Equip yourself well! Experience has shown that a used tent, untested for a few years or even decades, is sometimes in very poor condition and lets water through when it rains. The tent is generally a rather rudimentary type of accommodation, so for a comfortable stay, the ideal is to use a model that has already proven itself in the past.


The choice of the tent


A restful and resourcing night

It is important to remember that sleeping in a luxurious establishment results in top quality bedding. This will allow you to recharge your batteries and rest during the night. No more back pain, heavy legs or headaches. With the quality facilities at your disposal, it’s a whole new way to approach the next day. You’ll be ready to take a trip, enjoy the beach or go shopping for an explosive shopping day. Sleep is important, choose what’s best for it.